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Auer Design has you covered when it comes to home and commercial architecture. Choose us as your residential & business architects today. We follow a simple process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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  1. Residential Interview Phase/Commercial Pre-Programming - During this initial project phase, we spend time meeting with you to understand your lifestyle, family member needs, and requirements for the project or we spend time meeting key individuals in your business to understanding your organizational structure, established visions, and core values. At this time, we help to establish a vision and identify other aspects important to the project objectives and scope of work. We then define the project goals, identifying issues that could affect schedules and budgets. This stage is common for all projects whether they are smaller in size and scope or require a full level of service. This phase may involve more than one meeting.
  2. Residential Pre-Design - We come back and present in the pre-design phase, with a project picture mood board that sets the tone for the project. We bring a complete description of the scope of the project for client review. This is a collaborative exercise between the client and designer and the resulting pre-design document represents the basis for the design process.
    Commercial Programming - This phase is best performed through a series of interviews with representatives from each group, department, or division of your organization. The information collected is the data needed to quantify existing staff and physical space and is the basis for determining ideal space requirements and adjacencies for your business to function optimally.
  3. Planning and Conceptual Design - Design will now begin on your project. During this process and based on the pre-design documents and requirements, we will explore various space plan layouts to see how your requirements fit into a given space. We will analyze the pros and cons of each option in order to arrive at the best possible space plan. After this, we will begin brainstorming and developing concepts that are unique to your home and vision. This is when the design starts to unfold and the functional and aesthetic aspects start to take shape. Furniture, lighting, color, and materials are also researched in order to look at the project design and budget holistically. The result of this phase can be the use of words and images, sketches, drawings and finish selections to convey the agreed upon project concept.
  4. Design Development - In this phase, we focus on extending design into every aspect of the project. Our objective is to give the client a very clear understanding of the space plan, as well as what the project will look like. We focus on the design details by shaping and articulating walls, ceilings, floors, and lighting as well as other key architectural elements such as feature stairs and custom millwork. At this point, we also make critical furniture and material selections with the client while making adjustments necessary to align the architectural and furniture estimates with the client's desired budget parameters. Typically, presentation boards are presented after this phase has been completed and the client/owners have signed off on the final design.
  5. Project Documentation - Based on the approved design development documentation, the project is ready to be documented for the purpose of communicating in detail the requirements of the design to procure bids and ultimately be built-out by a contractor. The documents typically consist of drawings, schedules, specifications, and other consultant drawings such as engineering documents setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the project. Additionally, the furniture and equipment selections are finalized and the specifications are created for bidding, procurement, delivery, and installation. At this phase, the project is thoroughly reviewed by local code officials as well as the client for their final approval and sign-off.
  6. Project Administration - This is the phase when bids are procured and ultimately awarded to a contractor to build-out the project. During the construction phase, we typically attend construction meetings and regularly visit the job-site to confirm that the project is being built-out as it has been designed, as well as to review the quality of construction. We can also proceed in the ordering of furniture, signage, and/or artwork by working with various vendors so that all of these elements are delivered and installed in the final phase of the project. This is when all the integration of design and detail comes together to produce the holistic design envisioned at the beginning of the project.
  7. Finalization - We feel strongly that when all of the design elements and project details are properly executed, the outcome will meet the client's expectations. If there are issues, we will help to resolve these as best we can. We believe strongly in our craft, stand behind our work, and look forward to developing a partnership in fulfilling your goals.